Quay Four Upstairs

Quay Four has an elegant upstairs restaurant where the emphasis is on fresh seafood. Choose between the exquisitely prepared Cape Lobster and the succulent line fish of the day, or opt for the sumptuous seafood platter and enjoy the best of both worlds. The á la carte menu also includes a great feast of irresistible meat and poultry dishes. Not only do we pride ourselves on our superior quality food, but also on the very high calibre of service that is offered by our professional waitrons.



Upstairs Main Menu…

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Upstairs Wine List…

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Quay Four is proud to be ‘SASSI Aware’!


Being a SASSI Participant means that we commit to the following:

  • ★ Never buying or serving SASSI Red-listed species
  • ★ Never promoting SASSI Orange-listed linefish species
  • ★ Always having SASSI Green-listed species available for sale
  • ★ Supplying our customers with the correct name, place of origin and production method for all our seafood served.

For more information visit www.wwf.org.za/sassi or SMS the name of the fish to the number 079-499-8795 to check whether you should tuck in, think twice or avoid completely.